Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Jesus Week

Annabelle really liked this week.  The only problem was that this was the week that we were having all the Christmas parties and doing last minute things to get ready for Christmas.
After the week was over and I realized that we had only done one craft and only read the story of Jesus' birth a couple times.
Then I was thinking, Jesus always ends up taking a back seat to our plans.  We had plenty of time to do gingerbread, snowman, and Santa crafts and activities, but when it came time to focus on the most important person in our lives we were to busy.  Jesus always has time for us.  Whenever it is convenient for us to talk with Him He is there.
Maybe a goal for the new year would be to focus on a bible story each week with Annabelle.

Anyway, what we did do this week was really cute.  Unfortunately I already packed it away.  I am almost tempted to pull it out.......almost....but I'm too lazy.

We made a nativity out of mini terra cotta pots.  We made Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus in the manger, and an Angel.
It was along the line of this picture except way cuter because it was done by a 3 year old.
I may actually get it out when I bring the last tub of Christmas decorations downstairs.
All month we talked about Jesus' birthday and how He was born for us.  For our calendar we put a baby Jesus in a manger on December 25 and moved the star each day to get closer to Jesus' birthday.

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