Friday, March 9, 2012


We went to Chicago this past weekend.  We had a hotel coupon from my dad that we had to use by March 8, we went March 3 & 4.  We stayed right downtown, just off Michigan Ave.

The girls check out how high we were.

Bundled up and ready to go.  We walked everywhere we went.
We didn't think we would make too many friends if we
took 2 strollers on to the bus and we didn't think we could fit everything into a cab.
Plus we didn't know what to do with carseats in a cab.
We walked a little over 3 miles each way to the aquarium. 

She is ready too! 

We went to Shedd Aquarium.  It was pretty affordable.
I got to get in free because I am a teacher.  Ariel was free. 
James was $8 and Annabelle was $6.
We also paid a little extra to see the 4D Dora and Diego movie.
Totally worth it!

Annabelle and Dora!

There was a lot of things for the kids to touch and explore at the aquarium.

Annabelle in her 3D glasses.

Waiting for the show to start.

Ariel had a hard time with the glasses.  She ended up not wearing them,
but she still enjoyed the movie.
We all enjoyed the movie.  It may have been the highlight of our trip for everybody. 
There were bubbles, wind, water mist in our faces, rain forest smells.
It was really cute to see the Annabelle reaching for the
different things that were right in front of us.

Ariel exploring the sea creatures.

This was really cute.  There was a whole penguin area. 
They had penguin costumes for the kids to wear. 
There were rocks to climb and slippery, icy
slides to play on, and tunnels to crawl through.

My 3 sweetie girls

We visited Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Annabelle chose the
St. Patrick's cupcake because it had a clover on top.
Ariel had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate sprinkles. 

Arianna showing off my lemon cupcake.  The girls actually liked
my cupcake better than their own. 

We had a fun trip, but decided we won't be visiting a big city for awhile.  It isn't stroller (especially 2 strollers) friendly.  Most of the doors are revolving so we had to skip some stores or find alternate entrances.  There aren't many kid friendly restraunts.  We did find a Fridays and had a great meal.  James and I would love to go by ourselves sometime.  We found a few restraunts and places we would like to go.

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