Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Perfect 10

We signed Annabelle up for gymnastics for the summer. She is so excited and really I am too. I figured she would need some leotards so I looked online and they were pretty pricy. I remembered that my friend Shari had gotten her daughter's dance things at Bumblebee's. So this morning Annabelle and I headed out there to check out what they had. We found some great deals. She got 2 leotards; one was $3 and the other was $3.50. I will check back there in a few weeks because it would be nice for her to have a few to rotate through.

The leotards were a hit and she has been wearing them since we got home. She is currently sleeping in one right now.
Annabelle comes up with these moves all by herself. I think she is going to be a natural.
I think she will stay in gymanstics as long as she wants, but at least until she learns how to do a back walk over. This is an essential skill every girl must have. I did not have it and it held me back. I will now need to live through Annabelle is this area.
Ariel tried on the second leotard so we could see how it looked.

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