Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Diva in the Making?

This is how Annabelle fell asleep last night.  


  1. nice, so easy to just roll her on her back, spread her legs, pull down her shorts and knickers and suck on her little p-ssy

    1. I want to cum in her arse

  2. had 4 girls and loved to blow in their arse, the youngest like secs play so we did lots of stuff, I f----d her at 11 the first time, my wife went on a business trip and in the night jenny came into our bedroom and just climbed in bed with me, we started necking etc and I just slipped my c==k in her..... best f--k I ever had and from then until she married I f----d her regular, I would LOVE when my ex came home and said she had to go away on business as I knew jen and I would spend most of the time in bed